Churma Ladoo – World’s tallest, widest and heaviest Indian sweet set world record

Churma Ladoo – World’s tallest, widest and heaviest Indian sweet set world record

The 551kg (87st) Churma Ladoo took three chefs and 23 volunteers, from the Shree Hindu Temple, four days to make. They plan to offer it to 5,500 people.

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Hitesh Morjaria, from the temple on St Baranbas Road, is confident they now hold the record for the world’s tallest, widest and heaviest sweet.

Guinness World Records will examine the evidence submitted by the temple.

The Churma Ladoo, made from ingredients including wheat, clarified butter, jaggery, oil, poppy seeds and nuts, measured 5ft (1.37m) by 6ft (1.8m) when it was finished.

Mr Morjaria said they were “originally going to make a 100kg ladoo” to be blessed and offered to their devotees during the religious event of Ganesh Puran.

“Then we thought ‘why don’t we challenge ourselves’ to make a bigger one,” he said.

“We contacted the Guinness Book of Records and found out that no record had been set for the biggest Ladoo.”

The Ganesh Puran, which began on Sunday and lasts for eight days, is dedicated to the elephant-faced god Lord Ganesh.

The blessed sweet will be offered to people from all cultures at the end of each day and “we don’t want anyone leaving without the Prasad,” Mr Morjaria added.

The delicacy, which is normally the size of a tennis ball, is said to be Lord Ganesh’s favourite food.


Canton – World’s tallest sandcastle set Guinness World Record by Ed Jarrett

Canton – World’s tallest sandcastle set Guinness World Record by Ed Jarrett

FARMINGTON, Conn. — A Canton man has broken his own record for the world’s tallest sandcastle.

The 37-foot, 10-inch sculpture by Ed Jarrett was certified as the world’s tallest on Wednesday by Guinness World Records.

Jarrett and a team of more than 1,500 volunteers built the medieval-style castle at Winding Trails in Farmington with 1.6 million pounds of sand and water.

Jarrett first claimed the record for the tallest sandcastle in 2003 with a 29-foot structure. He broken his own record in 2007 with a 31-foot, 6-inch sandcastle before setting out to build one taller than 35 feet with a goal of raising money for charity.

Special events have been planned to celebrate the achievement of the Guinness World Record and continue raising money for the project’s charities – Save Walton Pond at Winding Trails, Special Olympics Connecticut, Gifts of Love, New Horizons, and UCONN Children’s Cancer Fund. On Saturday, June 18th from 9:00 a.m.-noon, there will be a “Princess & Pirate Parade” for children to come to the sandcastle in costume and participate in crafts, face painting, digging for buried treasure, and more. On Friday, June 24th from 7:00-11:00 p.m., there will be an adults-only “Booty Bash,” a costume party with live music, food, a cash bar, and a treasure hunt for loot donated by local merchants.

The sandcastle remains open for public viewing daily from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. until June 30, 2011. The entry fee is $10 per car load. In addition to viewing the sandcastle, visitors may participate in a scavenger hunt, called “Ed’s Expedition,” by locating specific items Jarrett sculpted into the castle design over the past two weeks. Official Jarrett’s Castle t-shirts and special edition “Sand-Tastic Soda” in partnership with New Britain-based Avery’s Soda will be available for purchase, with proceeds also going toward the charities.

Malee Duangdee – World’s tallest teenager 2011

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Towering head and shoulders above her own parents Malee Duangdee, at 6ft 10in is one of the world’s tallest teenagers.

Weighing 20.5 stone the 19-year-old from eastern Thailand has suffered painful school memories of bullies and a lifetime of loneliness.

“I used to feel like a freak, school children used to bully me and call me names,” she said.

“But since leaving school I’ve tried to feel more comfortable with who I am. I’ve got used to life on my own, but it’s hard.”

Malee’s mother, Ji, 40, did not realise Malee was ‘different’ until she was around nine-years-old when she began to grow much faster than her school friends.

“I took her to the doctor because I wanted to be sure there was nothing seriously wrong with her.”

But Malee was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which was pressing on a nerve causing a hormone imbalance.

Malee has also lost the sight in her eyes as a result.

“I’ve been tall for as long as I can remember and taking medication is part of my daily life,” she said.

“But as I’ve got older my eye sight has got worse and it’s really difficult for me to get around.”

Malee needs an injection every three months to control the benign brain tumour and stop her from growing.

But it’s costing the family almost £2,000 a time.

“The injections have really helped to control her growth but they are expensive,” said Ji.

“She is supposed to have an injection every three to six months, but we can’t always afford them so we are not sure if she’s still growing.”

For the time being Malee’s condition appears to be under control and her life has turned around.

She no longer attends school and is glad those days are behind her.

“All the kids used to call me names, the one I could never understand was ‘Dirty Malee’. They were always so nasty,” she said.

“It would make me so sad. I was desperate to have some friends to play with but they all ignored me.

“Thankfully I had a good teacher who tried to help me and now I have nothing to do with them.”

Malee now spends all her time with her family, especially her three-year-old little sister, Daoruang.

She added: “I help my mother around the house and cook meals. Or I’ll cycle to see my aunt in the next village. I don’t do much.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend. I don’t think marriage is possible for someone like me, I’m just too different.”

But as Malee gets older she would love some more independence.

“My father gets very worried about me, he doesn’t let me go anywhere alone because sometimes I need help getting up, I’m pretty heavy,” she said.

“But I’d love to be like any other 19 year old and live alone, build a life for myself and have fun but who knows what will happen.”

Malee was in The Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest girl in January, 2009. And not even the Brazilian Elisany Silva, 16, has knocked her off the spot as she only measures 6ft 9ins (206cm) tall.