Chelsea Charms world’s heaviest breasts – Worlds biggest boobs World Record 2011

Chelsea Charms world’s heaviest breasts – Worlds biggest boobs World Record 2011

Meet the woman whose breasts just won’t stop growing!

Chelsea Charms’ 164XXX boobs grow 1 INCH every month and she claims they’re the biggest augmented breasts in the world.

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Her rapidly growing assets are all down Chelsea’s now widely illegal polypropylene string implants.

The implants consist of a coil of polypropylene inserted into each breast. There is no silicone or saline implant.

The “string” irritates the internal breast tissue, which causes the boobs in question to produce a natural serum.

This fluid gets absorbed by the implant, which then swells, grows and irritates the tissue further, causing continuous breast growth.

Each of the 34-year-old’s 65ins breasts weigh two stone and together contain 12 litres of fluid.

She said: “I call them Itsy and Bitsy.

“I didn’t set out to have the world’s biggest boobs, but, well, they do have a mind of their own. Fortunately, they pay their way.”

As her breasts are continually growing, Chelsea has to splash out hundreds of pounds for specially made bras every two months.

Chelsea Charms world’s heaviest breastswatch the video

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    Those are some big boobs

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