Cola Fountain Eruptions Set World Record by Changchun University Students

                                                         Cola Fountain picture

Students at Changchun University set a new world record after setting off 2,175 simultaneous cola fountains using bottles of cola and Mentos. Following a countdown, mints dropped into cola bottles to set off the chemical reaction, resulting in cola eruptions that reached almost 8 meters high. After the eruption, students poured cola on each other, naturally.

The university secured sponsorship to provide 2,600 raincoats and ordered 2,450 packs of mints from a local supermarket. The 2,175 cola fountains broke the record of 1,911 simultaneous geysers, set on June 19, 2008, by students in Latvia. A waste of soda? Heck no. Just think about all the sperm these crazy kids saved.


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