World’s fastest skateboarding dog – Tillman

Tillman, the world’s fastest skateboarding canine, has set paw in New York for the first time.

The 4-year-old English bulldog traveled from Southern California for Saturday’s “Bark in the Park” event, when Mets fans can catch a game with their pooch at Citi Field.

“He loves New York,” says Tillman’s owner, 40-year-old Ron Davis, as the bulldog showed off his skills in Tompkins Square Park. “There is a lot of concrete for him to do his thing.”

The 60-pound dog even turns and does tricks.

“He just pulled a no-comply, top-shove-it move that we got on tape,” says Davis, who has also trained Tillman to surf and snowboard. “What can I say? He’s an adrenaline junkie.”

Named after the late NFL star and U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman, the board-crazy canine set the world record in 2009 by rolling 100 meters in 19.6 seconds.

Davis attributes Tillman’s skateboarding skills to his sturdy body and unique warmup method.

“Tillman’s ritual before he skates is to chew on each wheel,” says Davis. “I think it’s a way of lubing them up and checking the tire pressure.”
World’s fastest skateboarding dog Video
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