World’s most expensive carpet set world record – Persian carpet

LONDON, UK — A Kirman ‘Vase’ carpet, a rare 17th Century Persian carpet, fetched $9,599,535 (£6,201,250) at Christie’s in London (20 times more than expected)  – setting the new world record for the Most expensive carpet.

   An anonymous overseas bidder bought the Most expensive carpet in the world to rapturous applause in the saleroom.

Speaking after the record breaking sale, William Robinson, Director of the Rugs and Carpets at Christie’s, said: ‘This example has huge charm, subtlety and balance, which combine in a design of deceptive simplicity.’

   A spokesman added that the quality of the rug was a reflection of the great talent of the weavers of the Iranian city of Kirman, who were ‘arguably the most inventive and influential of all carpet designers’.


One Response to “World’s most expensive carpet set world record – Persian carpet”

  1. Large Rugs Says:

    Fantastic entry, these high prices for very old rugs are going very high. Our sentiments are they will continue to gain more and more appreciation, as in the last 4 years, the record highest prices have been surpassed several times, and in several differnet ways – $ per square foot, and total realized price. Thanks so much for sharing, well appreciated.

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