world’s largest meatball world record set by Glen Oaks Community College

Glen Oaks Community College is planning to break the Guiness World Book’s record for the world’s largest meatball.
Professors, students and others are planning to make the meatball March 15, the students’ first day back from Spring Break, then offer the food to the people of Centreville for free.

“After completing the record-breaking process, we will then feed up to 800 people from the county a meatball sandwich, salad, and a beverage for free,” Professor of business Bill Furr said in a press release.

Members of the recreation/student activities and student government organizations, along with a host of volunteers including business and science professors plan to participate.

Furr said the current world record in the Guinness World Book of Records is 222.5 pounds, an achievement set by Nonni’s Italian Eatery of New Hampshire in November. Nonni’s broke the record of 198.6 pounds created on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (See the video below).

Also helping to coordinate the cooking effort is Jerry Barkley, professor of science, along with student government members Leanna Tokarski and Iffe Oni. The educators have tentative approval from the health department and have consulted with the Guiness World Book people about their record-breaking plans.

Source: mlive


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