World’s Fattest Boy World Record set by Dzhambik Khatokhov

The 9 year old mountain boy Dzhambik Khatokhov Weights is a 150kg. His Buggy had unbreakable wheels and the family’s chairs had to be specially made to prevent him crushing them to matchwood. WorldDzhambik Khatokhov is the world’s fattest child
Dzhambik Khatokhov is the world’s fattest child and he has adult size-eight shoes. His weight is more than to four children of his classmates. Dzhambik is known as Jambik and his ambition of winning gold for Russia at the Olympics. But British doctor says when he was met; his health is in grave danger.

His Mum Nelya 42 said on Last night that “He is just growing – upwards and outwards. What can I do about it? This is who he is; this is how God created him.” The 5ft 2in youngster Dzhambik has become a celebrity in his hometown of Nalchik in the southern Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. When the public asked Jambik he wants to be slim, that time he answered “I don’t know” and He then added: “No, I like it like this.”
Jambik’s have 2 elder brothers one is 21 year old Rezvan and second is 17 year old Mukhamed. They are slim and of medium height. Nelya divorced her husband when she was pregnant with Jambik and explained “Jambik was a simple birth for me – easier than my other two sons. He started gaining weight twice as fast as other kids. In a year he was double the size of other babies.”

His mum also explained that “He was so strong that at one and a half years old he was lifting things like heavy stones and buckets of water.” In Just 3 years he was lifting weights as heavy as 2st 7lb. At four he had ballooned to 8st 11lb, even though he was just 3ft 11in, and at six he was 15st 7lb.’

Before 2 years British Doctors Ian Campbell spent a week with Jambik family for studying of his weight gaining and he said that “Jambik’s health is dire. When he was five his mum took him to Moscow clinics where we did all the available tests, scans of all organs and tests on hormones. And they showed he is absolutely healthy and his heart, liver and everything else is proportional to his size. Nayla said “I try to feed him healthily. We do not have a We do not have a restriction for sweets and he can have an ice cream if he wants. I am not putting him on a diet, because he needs food – he does sports and he is active all day. But he does not eat only fast food or ice cream or sweets.”
“He’s a good boy and never uses his size to bully younger kids.” He practices his wrestling five days in week and also goes swimming and said “I want to be a sportsman when I grow up. Or better, an Olympic champion. I like to be strong.”

“Jambik’s a Good Boy and never uses his size to bully younger kids.” 48 year old Khasan Teusvazhukov who is his wrestling coach, struggles to find fighting partners for Jambik, as other boys his age weigh as little as five stone.

World’s Fattest Boy World Record Video


One Response to “World’s Fattest Boy World Record set by Dzhambik Khatokhov”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    There is no doubt his mother has made him like this. The giveaway is in her behaviour, she has absolutely no regard for his wellbeing and very clearly devotes her efforts into his fame (and thus fortune). She does not behave like a mother, more like a celebrity agent.

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