Choreographed Robot Dance an attempt to break the world record

Butler University students want to go down in the History books or at least the Guinness Book of World Records.

More than 225 students participated in a choreographed robot dance for 12 hours in an attempt to break the world record Saturday Starting at 10 am Saturday students learned the moves and practiced throughout the day.

The students will test their practiced choreography Saturday at 8 pm in hopes it will land them a spot in the book.

The dance-a-thon is a celebration for a year’s worth of fundraising to benefit Riley Hospital for Children.

Dance Marathon Coordinator, Frank Council, said the group had a personal connection to the cause this year.
“It’s an extra special year for us because co-president, Ben Cohen’s, sister was a Riley kid and unfortunately she passed away this Spring,” said Council. “So, this whole year and semester has been dedicated towards her and to really get this up and running.”

Council said the fundraiser is an outreach effort for everyone.

“It’s for our community but it’s for those involved in the cause as well,” said Council.

The goal is to raise 65 thousand dollars for Riley Hospital for Children. That’s 25 thousand dollars more than the group’s goal last year.


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