Israel breaks Guinness record for the world’s biggest hummus

Israel have broken the world record for the biggest serving of hummus, beating Lebanon just months after it also attempted to break the record.

Chefs and residents in the Abu Gosh, cooked up 4,000kg of hummus, using 21/2 tonnes of chickpeas, 11/2 tonnes of sesame paste and hundreds of fresh-squeezed lemons, as well as crushed garlic and olive oil. The finished product was displayed on a huge dish: a satellite dish nearly 20ft in diameter.
Three months ago, Lebanese chefs mashed up just over 2,000kg, an important win in the eyes of the Israelis.

Hummus is sometimes described as one of the oldest known prepared foods, is enjoyed in much of the Middle East and has probably been around for centuries.

However, much like its political conflict, the orgins of this chickpea dish has been a bone of contention.

Lebanon claims ownership of hummus and accuses Israel of stealing the product and marketing it as Israeli, according to reports. Its exact origin is unknown, though presumed to be Arab.

Despite Israel winning the title in the Guiness Book of Records, there is no doubt that Lebanon will retaliate.


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