Guinness Rishi – Most Number of Tattoos on Body set World Record in Nepal

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Guinness Rishi - Most Number of Tattoos on Body set World Record in Nepal

An Indian businessman was carrying flags of 305 countries on its own body to promote friendship among nations. Now, 70 years Hvis Prakash, who reinvented himself as Guinness Rishi is competing in Nepal for his world record later in the hope of adding more flags and more records. “People call me a joker, a fool,” said world record aspirants from Delhi, who arrived in Kathmandu to attend the international conference first tattoo and immediately stole the show with other young participants from different countries with more exotic tattoos.

“I do not mind.”

An auto parts manufacturer by profession, has two passions Guinness Rishi – tattoos and Guinness World Records.

The 22 cards include such feats unique as do most will in the world – a huge 489 pages deliver a pizza to New Delhi to San Francisco and, of course, with the largest number of tattoos on his body.

These include 305 flags of different countries, 185 maps, 165 flags mini and 2985 characters.

“My dream is to go around the world several times,” Har Prakash told IANS, sitting in the conference room of the hotel Yak and Yeti when the cameras click furiously. “I want the children of these countries ask me, where is the flag of our country there and then, in the process, know their country and other countries.”

As he speaks, comes Carlos Peres, a tourist from Venezuela, to find him. Peres then Rishi photo in the newspapers and his friend from Argentina, so that both could hunt for the flag of their country on the chest of the Indian.

“It’s there,” Argentina cries of joy and shake hands with Rishi, inviting them to visit your country.

For such a serious tattoo record, the Guinness Rishi began relatively late: it was in 2009, when he saw someone sporting a tattoo of the flag, and admired the effect.

It pays tribute to Lokesh Verma, one of the founders of 27 years of Tattooz Devilz a seven tattoos imprinted on his forehead: Business India, United States, Britain, Cyprus, Canada, the Congress Party and the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not logo.

It took nine months and Verma is free because he understood the patriotic cause behind it, “said Rishi.

However, his family has reacted in a totally different way.

“My wife and children have told me that they never go to market myself or my family weddings,” she says, unrepentant. “But my clients have loved tattoos – because they had a chance to laugh at me.”

Guinness Rishi – Most Number of Tattoos on Body set World Record video

315 tabla students from various music set world record in Ahmedabad

The closing ceremony of the Swarnim Gujarat celebrations will have a unique performance that is sure to leave Amdavadis not only enthralled but also glowing with pride.

A record 315 tabla students from various music institutes in the state will come together for a 90-minute performance on April 29 in the city, to create a new world record.

The event will be organised by the cultural and sports department of the sate government in association with Tabla Taleem Institute and Saptak School of Music.

Representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of World Records, India Book of World Records and IRHR Book of World Records have confirmed they will attend the event and give on-the-spot certificates to the participants, most of whom are between nine and 18 years of age.

Of the 315 participants, about 170 are from Tabla Taleem Institute, 104 from Saptak School of Music and the rest are from various other music schools in the state, including 10 students from schools for the deaf and blind.

Munjal Mehta, a known percussion artist and trainer at Tabla Taleem Institute said such a feat has not been attempted so far.
The artists would perform compositions like teen taal, ek taal and jhap taal.

The students would begin their performance by playing thaat in accompaniment to the bhajan ‘Vaishnav Jan’. The performance would conclude on a cultural note with rhythms that are played with regional dance forms of the country including Garba and Bhangra.

Manju Mehta of the Saptak School of Music said, “The students are rehearsing hard for the final performance.”

The performance will take place at Shreyas Founation campus on Friday and is expected to be attended by about 1,500 music lovers from the city and state.

Yash Patel – Most number of cartwheels in a minute enters Limca Book of Records

Yash Patel – Most number of cartwheels in a minute enters Limca Book of Records

If you ask 9-year-old Yash Patel to point out Brazil on a map of the world, the chances are that he will fumble. But on March 15, this wonder kid from Gujarat’s capital broke the Guinness record for the most number of cartwheels in a minute, a record held till then by a Brazilian. And, on Saturday, Yash received a certificate with a medal from Guinness World Records for his extraordinary feat.

Yash’s record-breaking act took place at a reality show in Mumbai on March 15 this year. With 63 complete cartwheels in 60 seconds, he broke the record of 55 cartwheels in a minute held by the Brazilian.

The nine-year-old comes from a humble background. His father is a commando deployed with Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s security. “I am extremely thrilled that my son has achieved this remarkable feat at such a young age,” an elated Bach Patel told DNA.

While Yash’s father is bound by duty to stay in Gandhinagar, his native village in Kos, Surat, is planning a grand celebration. “We will take out a grand procession, complete with fireworks and a special band, once his father returns. Sweets will be distributed to every household,” said his uncle, Suresh Patel on phone from Surat.

Yash’s family was the first to notice his extraordinary skill. “While young kids either walk slowly or even crawl, Yash would cartwheel from one room to another. He used to do it all day and that’s when his parents realised that their kid had a special talent,” said Kuleen Patel who is now looking after Yash’s progress in gymnastics.

Too innocent to understand the hullabaloo around him, Yash, who studies in Standard IV at Kadi Prathmik School, Gandhinagar, wants to show his medal and certificate to his friends when the school reopens. “I love doing cartwheels and I want to learn other tricks of gymnastics. I will show the medal to my teachers and friends when I go back to Gandhinagar,” he said shyly.

Yash had also received praise from the chief minister after he completed 445 cartwheels in 15 minutes and entered the Limca Book of Records. Now with the Guinness World Record in his kitty, his aim is to win medals for the country at gymnastics events.”For the past one year, he has been training at SAI centre in Gandhinagar. We hope to find a sponsor for him so that he can train professionally and get awards for his talent.”

Young artist Ashok Kumar made a painting of the Golden Temple – Limca Book of Records

Young artist Ashok Kumar made a painting of theGolden Temple – Limca Book of Records

Firm determination and strong will power can surely make anyone unlock the doors to success. Same holds true for this 23-year-old artist ‘ Ashok Kumar, who has made a painting of the Golden Temple that stands 15 feet tall and is 51 feet in length. It took him almost three years to complete the masterpiece.

Ashok said, ”Around three years ago, I had a dream where I visualized myself painting the Golden Temple. I decided to realize my thoughts. After the final touches, I would display the masterpiece to the world.”

The painter belongs to a middle class family and had to undergo many hurdles during the task. Ashok said the public support helped him. ”I used 1,350 pencils, 2,600 small and 4,000 big brushes and thousands of colours. I even plan to use 20 tolas of gold to give the art a realistic appeal,” he said.

Discussing his future plans, Ashok said, ”I want to fight social evils like dowry and female foeticide. I would depict the pain faced by women in my next painting.” He claimed that his name was already listed in Limca Book of World Records for this work of art and he also hopes to reach the Guinness Book. He said, ”I would like to have the painting on display at a public place such as an airport, bus stand or railway station. This way more people could see it.”

Ashok’s proud father Khazan Kumar said, ”I am pleased with my son for having painted such a beautiful depiction of the historic place. The boy was so engrossed in the task that he even forgot his family and friends.”

Gillette India – World’s Largest Shaving Lesson – Gillette Shave Sutra

Worlds Largest Shaving Lesson, Gillette India World Record, Gillette Shave Sutra, World's Largest Shaving Lesson

Worlds Largest Shaving Lesson World Record set by Gillette India – Gillette Shave Sutra

Shortly after the launch of Shave India Movement 3, Gillette, has achieved yet another milestone by taking the success to the next level. Shave India Movement 3, today, witnessed 150 couples coming together at a common venue to engage in a shaving activity to break the world-record for the World’s Largest Shaving Lesson – Gillette Shave Sutra.

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive came on board to support the Shave India Movement 3, following the results of a Nielsen survey, revealing the preference for the clean-shaven look by a majority of Indian women. The movement kick-started earlier in January, with the Stop Prickly Men’s Stubble campaign supported by leading Bollywood divas Preity Zinta, Neha Dhupia and Malaika Arora Khan. Stop Prickly Men’s Stubble is one of a kind movement started by like-minded women to tell men that their stubble is prickly for women and they need to get rid of it by shaving EVERYDAY.

To add momentum to the campaign, Bollywood actors Arjun Rampal & Malaika Arora Khan came to the rescue of Indian men by solving the eternal mystery of – What Women Want and that was clearly clean-shaven and well-groomed men.

Gillette Shave Sutra – World’s Largest Shaving lesson saw 150 men getting the ‘perfect shave’, helping them to look and feel their best. These men along with their partners, all supporters of the Gillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive, Shave India Movement 3, gathered in an attempt to create a record for the world’s Largest Shaving Lesson – Gillette Shave Sutra in the Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of records and India Book of Records.

Actor Arjun Rampal, the new brand ambassador of Gillette said, “The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Sensitive, Shave India Movement 3 generated phenomenal response from the masses. The Gillette Shave Sutra is a fitting reply to the cry from large sections of women asking men to Stop Prickly Men’s Stubble. We want couples to start enjoying shaving together and making it more fun. Clearly, shaving is no longer a chore. This is a great moment for India with so many couples having gathered here today to signify that men should get rid of their stubble and sport the clean-shaven look.”

Commenting on her support to Shave India Movement 3, actress Neha Dhupia, said, “Women find the act of shaving their men alluring. With this movement, Gillette has put forward a unique thought that shaving can be made a fun activity that both partners can engage in and enjoy together. With the overwhelming success of the campaign, I see more and more men stepping forward to shave and be more thoughtful towards the needs of their women. The Nielsen survey highlighted that 89% men agree that Sensitive skin needs a sensitive shave. I am glad that Gillette has launched the Mach 3 Turbo Sensitive at an affordable price of Rs 125/-, for men with sensitive skin who can now shave everyday even on the more sensitive areas of their face”.

Speaking on this historical occasion that is poised to go down in the world-record books, Sharat Verma, Marketing Manager, Gillette India Limited, said, “Today is truly an incredible moment as Gillette is all set to create the shaving world-record yet again this year. Gillette has always believed in enabling men to look and feel their best and the launch of the Gillette Mach3 Turbo Sensitive razor at Rs 125 is a step in that direction. Mach 3 Turbo sensitive is backed by excellent research and technology that provides consumers with sensitive skin a close and comfortable shave with less irritation, even on the most sensitive areas of the face – including the neck and jaw line. It makes shaving effortless”

Longest radio Antakshri on 92.7 BIG FM Set To Enter Limca Book Of Records

Longest radio Antakshri on 92.7 BIG FM , BIG FM Limca Book Of Records, Longest radio Antakshri

92.7 BIG FM, the radio initiative of Reliance Broadcast Network Limited (RBNL), has partnered with telecom service provider, Uninor, and are all set to make it to the Limca Book of Records. Uninor alongwith 92.7 Big Fm created and executed the longest antakshari called Uninor Big Antakshri which unfolded in 17 cities and played simulateously for 12 continuous hours with an intent to create history.

Uninor Big Antakshari’s music innovation echoed across 17 cities – Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Tirupati, Vizag, Asansol, Kolkata, Rajkot, Baroda, Surat, Jhansi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Aligarh, Bareilly and Agra. To further amplify and create buzz amongst the listeners, the activity was also taken on-ground across all markets where 92.7 BIG FM RJs interacted with listeners and took them live on air. By partnering in such an innovation, Uninor complements its promise of providing access to ‘Unlimited Music’ that a subscriber enjoys in the form of caller tunes, my music station & creating ring tone (CRBT) at a very nominal price of Rs 2.5 per day.

Commenting on the innovation Rajiv Bawa, EVP, Corporate affairs, Uninor said ,“Music on mobiles doesn’t get bigger than this. We are glad to partner with 92.7 BIG FM on such a milestone innovation across so many cities. We launched Unlimited Music a few weeks ago and its evident that the youth in this country truly rock! Unlimited music for one full day for only Rs. 2.50. That’s all you spend to convert any mobile phone into a personal music player with a library of over 2.5 lakh songs. This is a powerful proposition and we will take it to our customers in new and different ways”

Also commenting on the innovative antakshari programming, Soumen G. Choudhury,Business Head, 92.7 BIG FM said, “We at 92.7 BIG FM are committed to create superlative content to entertain our listeners. The longest running Antakshari has been designed to deliver wholesome entertainment to our listeners and we are glad that our listeners responded to Uninor BIG Antakshari with the same enthusiasm, with which they have responded to our other initiatives”.

Narayan Krishna Mahajan Rappelled across a 1200 Feet Deep Valley set Limca Book of Record

Narayan Krishna Mahajan photo, Narayan Krishna Mahajan Mountaineering World Record, Narayan Krishna Mahajan  Limca Book of Record, Rappelled across Deep Valley world record, Adventurer World Records

91 Year Old Man Rappelled across a 1200 Feet Deep Valley set Limca Book of Record

Age is no limit for Narayan Krishna Mahajan.

The ninety-one-year old set a new high inspiration for people of all age groups by climbing a mountain 3,500 above sea level without any help or assistance, but for a walking stick as an occasional aid.

He tied himself to ropes, and rappelled from the top of the peak to the peak of another hill in India’s western state of Maharashtra on Sunday (February 20).

Mahajan said that he performed the adventure to instil the new age youngsters to be motivated to engage in outdoor sports and actions.

‘I don’t consider myself as old, because I believe that if one’s attitude is strong, the body would also be fit. The body should be maintained healthy since childhood. I have done this to boost the morale of the youngsters and they don’t get scared and participate in such activities,’ Narayan Krishna Mahajan said.

Mahajan said that he was not aiming to set a world record but only with an intention to encourage people to have a healthy and active lifestyle.

‘Don’t sit within the confines of your house, before the computer and television. Come out on the ground and play games like hockey, football, go for trekking, climb mountains and stay healthy. Then you will stay healthy at old age as well,’

Narayan Krishna Mahajan Rappelled across a 1200 Feet Deep Valley set Limca Book of Record Video

Vinod Punamiya – Non stop cycling Delhi to Mumbai attempt World Record

Vinod Punamiya photo, Vinod Punamiya picture, Non stop cycling world record 2011, fastest cycling world record, Vinod Punamiya Limca Book of Record, Non stop cycling video, Vinod Punamiya cycling video

Non stop cycling Delhi to Mumbai attempt World Record by Vinod Punamiya.

It may be hard to believe, but Mumbai-based Vinod Punamiya claims he can cover the 1485-km distance from Delhi to Mumbai on his cycle in JUST 30 HOURS!

Three years ago, at the age of 50, Punamiya, who hails from Dombivli, shocked the nation and registered his name in the Limca Book of Records when he cycled from Pune to Dombivli (distance of 140 km) in just two hours, 14 minutes, 14 seconds 20 minutes faster than the Deccan Queen train. “Ive been cycling for the last 30 years. It’s been my passion and I’ve always dreamt of doing something extra-ordinary to make my country proud,” said Punamiya of his next endeavour.

The 53-year-old cycling enthusiast, who will begin his journey from India Gate in New Delhi on February 19 at 7 am, is confident of touching the Gateway of India in Mumbai by 1pm the next day.

“Once I start my race from Delhi at 7am, I’m confident of reaching Jaipur by 11 am (distance of 272 kms), Ahmedabad by 1 am (another 753 kms) and Surat (another 260 kms) by 7am. Once, I enter Maharashtra, I will face a number of ghats, besides the traffic in Mumbai that will slow me down. But, I’m confident of achieving my target,” said Punamiya.

“I practice by riding daily for about 400-500 kms between Kolhapur and Satara. This has increased my stamina and confidence that I can ride 1485 kms non-stop,” said Punamiya.

Punamiya has previously covered the distance between Mumbai and Delhi in four days when he rode in memory of the 26/11 victims two years ago.

“Back then, it was in memory of the martyrs, but this time it will be a different challenge. It will be a lot faster,” assured Punamiya.

World’s longest sand cricket bat on Orissa’s Puri beach set Limca Book of Record

World’s longest sand cricket bat photo, World’s longest sand cricket bat picture, World’s longest cricket bat Limca Record, longest cricket bat in the world 2011, 2011 World Cup cricket, World Cup cricket 2011

The fever of World Cup cricket has seen every where around the World. This time the cricket mania is more in India than other country because this year India also organized some matches.

The World Cup has caught everyone’s imagination, from sand artists to sculptors and advertisers, who want to wish Team India good luck.

International sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik has crafted a 125-ft long cricket bat, a ball and a stadium on the Puri beach. Patnaik has also launched a “sandy” signature campaign to wish the willow-wielders good luck.

“The sand sculpture will be featured in the Limca Book of Records as the longest cricket bat in sand,” said Patnaik with pride.

Fifteen students of Patnaik helped him to put the artwork together. The artist, who has in the past handcrafted mind-blowing sand images of Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, George Bush, Saddam Hussein and Santa Claus, has a long association with cricket. He was invited to England to prepare sand sculptures for the 2009 World Cup. Recently, he showcased a sand animation show to wish Team India in CEAT Cricket Award in Mumbai.

L Eswar Rao, a stone sculptor from Jatani, has created a miniature form of the World Cup on a pencil nib, probably the smallest world cup! The one centimetre long world cup is minutely crafted on the granite bar of a pencil with the help of a needle and a blade. Rao has also created a world cup which is about half an inch long with tamarind seed.

“Since I love cricket and I am a great fan of Sachin, I want to do something to cheer the Indian team. I don’t know if my message will reach them but I sincerely wish the Cup should come to India. Moreover, it is the last World Cup of Sachin. So it must come to India,” said 28-year-old Eswar.

Republic Day parade – Indian Army Bike Stunt in Limca Book of World Records 2011

Indian Army Bike Stunt video, Indian Army motorcycle Stunt 2011, Indian Army Bike Stunt Limca Book of World Records 2011, Indian Army Bike Stunt on Republic Day parade, Indian Army Bike Stunt world record

The Dare Devils of the Army revved up their bikes at the Republic Day parade on Wednesday and showed why they had five world records to their credit. Their stunning stunts included a 35-man human pyramid on a single motorcycle!

Over 100 Indian Army signalmen displayed breathtaking daredevilry on their well-tuned motorcycles at the Rajpath boulevard, raising the adrenaline flow of spectators, who couldn’t stop themselves from shouting with enthusiasm.

Many held their breath as 35 of the men from the Corps of Signals formed a human pyramid on a single motorcycle – one of them carrying the national flag. The crowds spontaneously saluted the men!

Images: Indian culture, military might unfold at R-Day

People craned their necks to see Captain Ankur Deewan, who led the team, standing on a running motorcycle for more than half a kilometre.

As an announcement was heard asking people not to imitate the act as the Delhi traffic cops would levy a fine, the crowd burst into laughter. Delhi policemen men in the security wing also smiled.

The team is 45 years old. With five world records to their credit and six in the Limca Book of Records, the team has performed over 1,200 displays since 1965.

Among the first stunts to be showcased by the team, dressed in white and astride Enfield Bullet bikes, was the ‘Rocket’ formation which saw four signalmen on two motorcycles in a breathtaking display.

There was complete silence when 22 daredevils in lotus structure rode on two bikes.

It was daredevilry at its best.


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