Mohammed Dilawar Nashik based environmentalist enters Limca Book of Records

An environmentalist working to save the common house sparrows has entered the Limca Book of Records while a project coordinated by him, Save Our Sparrows (SOS), has been accorded the honour in the Guinness World Records.

Mohammed Dilawar, the Nashik-based environmentalist, had launched an international crusade to save the humble sparrows.

“Our SOS project, implemented worldwide in collaboration with Mumbai’s Burhani Foundation, has been recognised by the Guinness World Records,” an excited Dilawar told IANS here Thursday.

The SOS project was carried out by Burhani Foundation four months ago to mark the World Sparrow Day March 20 and the 100th birthday (celebrated March 25) of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, the spiritual head of the Dawoodi Bohra community, Dilawar said.

To mark the momentous occasion, the Burhani Foundation distributed 52,000 bird-feeders around the world.

The bird-feeders were handed over to individuals, NGOs and environmental organisations for the cause of the house sparrow, currently facing a major threat from human developmental activities.

“These activities have been recognised by the Guinness and Limca and will serve as a major boost to the campaign to save our sparrows,” Dilawar said.

The Guinness citation says: “The largest distribution of bird-feeders was undertaken by Burhani Foundation (India) to celebrate His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s (Spiritual head of Dawoodi Bohra community) centenary birth celebrations.”

Similarly, the Limca citation reads: “As the world celebrated World Sparrow Day, Indian Postal Department released a stamp of the house sparrow along with the rock pigeon on March 20, 2010. Nashik-based Mohammed Dilawar, who initiated the movement in India, was in the forefront of the activities in Delhi.”

Narayanan Menon enters Limca Book of Records for managing to drive his Tata Manza

Narayanan Menon has entered the the Limca Book of Records for managing to drive his stock Tata Indigo Manza for 46.33 Kilometers on a single liter of diesel

This is one record attempt that had been done ages ago but has finally received the due recognition that it originally deserved after so long. Nevertheless, it is quite refreshing to see a record breaking attempt being finally recognized by the car maker. Tata Manza owner, Mr. Narayanan Menon has entered the the Limca Book of Records for managing to drive his stock Manza for 46.33 Kilometers on a single liter of diesel.

By the looks of it, this is the highest ever mileage that the 1.3 Liter Fiat Multijet diesel engine has clocked across the world and that makes this record even more special. The record has been completed on a stock Tata Manza Diesel with absolutely no modifications for the mileage run. Mr Menon drove the Tata Manza on the arrow straight bye-pass road between Coimbatore and Avanashi, and covered a distance of 72.3 kilometer using only 1.58 liters of diesel translating into a mileage of 46.33 KMPL of Diesel.

The record was certified by the Limca Book of Record on the 25th of May, 2010. Mr Narayanan attributes this high mileage figure to disciplined driving with a light right foot rather than any special skills. Also, regular maintenance of the car is said to be a major factor for the good mileage figure. So, if Mr Narayanan can squeeze these many kilometers from a stock Manza on a good stretch of tarmac, so can you.

While Mr Narayanan’s record was for a short distance, stock Tata Manza’s driven with a light foot can deliver over 20 kilometers per liter of diesel on Indian highways with the mileage figure in the city going up to almost 15-16 KMPL. So, it indeed pays to have good driving habits and maintaining your car in top shape. Meanwhile, the Tata Motors has managed to sell 4,00,000 sedans so far, which in itself is no mean feat for a young car maker like Tata.

Most of people Hair Colour set Limca Book of Records by Godrej Expert Hair Colour

Godrej Expert Hair Colour picture, Godrej Expert Hair Colour Limca Book of Records, Most of people Hair Colour Limca Book of Record

Most of people Hair Colour set Limca Book of Records by Godrej Expert Hair Colour

In keeping with its Mission: Happy Hair, Happy You; Godrej Expert Hair Colour, India’s No. 1 brand in the hair colour category, sets a new benchmark by entering the Limca Book of records. 1500+ people coloured their hair with the newly launched Godrej Expert Hair Colour within a span of 12 hours. With this feat, Godrej Expert Hair Colour created record on 29th May, 2011 at Chitrakoot grounds in Andheri in the presence of ace Indian fast bowler Zaheer Khan, who graced the occasion and cheered the happy participants.

A first-of-its kind initiative in India, Godrej Expert Hair Colour, a trusted brand with a user base of over 4 crore, successfully made its way into the esteemed Limca Book of Records. This unique event drew in excess of 2000 enthusiastic participants starting at 9 a.m. in the morning. Reaching the number of colouring more than 1500 people under one roof, the record was broken and history was created at 9pm.

Nisaba Godrej, President, Human Capital & Innovation, Godrej Industries, says, “Godrej Expert Hair Colour’s mission is to make more hair happy. Because happy hair means happy people. We are delighted to have entered the Limca Book of Records by making over 1500 people happy in one place and one day by giving them shiny, bouncy and colored hair with our new variants of powder hair color.”

The New Godrej Expert range is now available in three Colour + Benefits variants – Original, Care and Advanced.

Godrej Expert Original trusted by over 4 crore consumers is now available in a new pack. With the time-tested Colour Lock Formula, it is available in Natural Black shade and is priced at Rs.12 per sachet.

Godrej Expert Care is a herbal-based formulation with heena and amla. It cares for hair and keeps them strong while colouring them. At Rs.15 per sachet, the Godrej Expert Care range is available in three shades – Gentle Black, Natural Brown and Burgundy.

Godrej Expert Advanced for the 1st time ever, brings a Pro-Gel formula with a gel like consistency which does not drip and is easy to spread. It also packs in triple conditioners, which make hair soft and beautiful while adding an attractive coat of colour. Priced at Rs.15 per sachet, the Godrej Expert Advanced range is available in three shades – Gentle Black, Natural Brown and Burgundy.

Longest service as personal assistant to minister set Limca Book of Record by Arun Buch

Arun Buch photo, Arun Buch picture, Arun Buch Limca Book of Record, Longest service as personal assistant to minister

Longest service as personal assistant to minister set Limca Book of Record by Arun Buch

Arun Buch, a 75-year-old resident of Gandhinagar, has achieved a unique distinction. He has been listed in the Limca Book of Records for “completing the longest service as personal assistant to minister”.

The certificate, signed by Limca book editor Vijay Ghosh, states: “Buch of Gandhinagar who joined the government service in 1958 completed the longest service as personal assistant to minister, having served 35 years as PA to six different ministers in Gujarat government before retirement in 1995. He had been appointed PA to a minister in the very first government of the state on May 26, 1960.”

Buch, who was born in Rajkot, lives in Gandhinagar with his wife Jyostana, a retired government employee. His daughter Chetna is married to a Gandhinagar resident.

He began his service in the Directorate of Ayurveda on April 4, 1958. “Following an interview, I was chosen to work in the Chief Minister’s Office. However, I decided to join as PA to minister Bahadur Patel. I worked with seven ministers, all of whom had a down-to-earth approach. They would visit remote areas of the state and interact with the poor,” said the 75-year-old.

About Bahadur Patel, he recollected: “When Patel’s term ended, he had no money for the fare to return to his native place. His friends gave him the Rs 110 he needed to reach Kareliya village in Vansda taluka. He built a hut on his farm and stayed there. Patel, who was a minister for 11 years, had returned to Kareliya because he did not have the money (Rs 3,800) to contest polls.”

About minister Parmanand Ojha, he revealed, “Ojha was from Una taluka in Junagadh. A lot of villagers would visit his bungalow. Instead of dipping into the state coffers, as many politicians do, Ojha sold off 2 acres of his farmland so that he could take care of his guests.” Buch added, “The ministers cared for their people. During the 1982 floods in Ahmedabad, the railway station was flooded. Amarsinh Chaudhary — the then irrigation minister — waded through the water, spoke to residents and got them moved to safety. This decision saved the lives of 600 people.”

“Today, most ministers talk only to industrialists not the common people. This is a difference seen in Gujarat as it enters its 51st year,” he said.

Lending personal assistance
1960 to 1967 Bahadur Patel, deputy minister, forest, road and building, irrigation, port, agriculture
1967 to 1971 Parmanand Oja, minister forest, transport
1971 Himat Rajavadi, prohibition
1972 to 1975 Amarsinh Chaudhary, minister road and building, irrigation, tribal
1976 to 1980 Rasikchandra Acharya, minister law, jail, urban development
1980 to 1990 Mahant Vijaydas, minister agriculture, water resource, road and building
1991 to 1995 minister Jashu Barad, water supply, energy, water resource

Sufyan Shaikh – Youngest Swimmer in India set Limca Book of Record 2011

Youngest Swimmer in India, Youngest Swimmer Limca Book of Record 2011, Swimming World Records 2011, Sufyan Shaikh photo,  ndian swimmer Sufyan Mohsin Sheikh world record

Sufyan Shaikh – Youngest Swimmer in India set Limca Book of Record 2011

Sufyan Shaikh, the master swimmer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, has set the Limca Book of the bathing spot for nine of the sea around the world.

“Limca Book of Records has been confirmed by a certificate that I have been involved in India as the first person to swim in nine different oceans around the world”, 18, Shaikh said.

“Speaking of nine of the sea must be a question in your mind as you swim in this self-made. No place to swim around in international competitions, which are arranged in a special event at sea.”

“And if there are competitions in the sea, in this case there are some associations that organize the crossing of the sea, taking the price for it. For example, the CS & PF to swim the English Channel, he said.

“I took seven races and two borders around the world in different sea areas. I sent my certificates of Limca Book of Records, after which they controlled, and my name on the bill of lading,” he said.

Twenty year-old Indian swimmer Sufyan Mohsin Sheikh practices at The Rajpath Club swimming pool in Ahmedabad, Sheikh is set to become the youngest recipient of the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure award, which was announced by the Indian Sport Ministry on August 11.

Sufyan Shaikh – Youngest Swimmer in India set Limca Book of Record 2011 Video

Sugreeva – Kannada film Prashant Mampully entered the Limca Book of record

Indian Kannada film Prashant Mampully, Sugreeva Limca Book of record, Kannada film Prashant Mampully video, download Kannada film Prashant Mampully, Prashant Mampully Limca Book of record, sugriva kannada movie clips, sugriva kannada movie trailer

Sugreeva” Kannada film Prashant Mampully entered the Limca Book of national record for finishing the shoot of the movie within 18 hours.

Shivraj Kumar-Yajna Shetty, Dilip Raj starrer film based on the assets and turn the father-son relationship.

Film shot with 19 cameras within the budget of a year and a half crore rupees is also a song and two fight sequences.

“We worked hard to dummy shots and had six months to work at home before the actual recording,” Prashant Mampully told reporters Thursday after receiving the certificate of deposit on Wednesday. “We have put in the studio and heroes had to switch from one game to another. And the filming was constantly 6:00 a.m. to 11:55 p.m.. We had no time for rewrites, “he added.

The film was released in 2010. When the disc Limca, the director has surpassed his record of shooting Mohanlal Malayalam film starring Bhagwan ‘in 2009.

The director has put his foot in Kollywood with ‘Ungal Veetu Pillai, “starring newcomer Vishnu Charan and Ashida, which also acts as the” Sugriva.

The film, shot simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, published next month, according to the director. The Director is also eying to beat his own record, this time in Tamil cinema.

“Talks are on with a famous actress in Tamil film to be shot in less than 18 hours. The notification will be made soon,” said Mampully Express.

Sugreeva – Video of Kannada film Prashant Mampully

Supreme Court Advocate Radhakanta Tripathy enters Limca Book of Records

Supreme Court Advocate Radhakanta Tripathy enters Limca Book of Records

NEW DELHI: An Advocate of the Supreme Court, Radhakanta Tripathy, has created a national record and entered the Limca Book of Records 2011 edition for filing the maximum number of petitions yet in a single day.

Tripathy filed 703 petitions with two national commissions in a single day. On November 17, 2009, he submitted 409 petitions with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and 294 petitions with National Commission for Scheduled Caste (NCSC).

The petitions were to draw the attention of both the commissions towards the human rights violations like forceful displacement of over 20,000 families from their homes and large scale felling of trees for the river canal Sanskar projects in Bhadrak district of Orissa.

Both the commissions took cognizance of the petitions and initiated action upon them for the great relief of thousands of aggrieved people.

The Limca Book of Records honoured Tripathy with a certificate for the commendable feat that brought him this coveted national record.

Tripathy has been practicing at the apex court since 2003 and filed a number of petitions and public interest litigations in the Supreme Court, in the High Courts of Delhi and Orissa and at all the national commissions, including the National Commission for Women, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes and finally, the National Commission for Minorities.

He even moved the Election Commission, bringing to their notice that young children were being used to carry the ballot boxes, EVM machines etc.

On this, the poll panel had issued notices to all the Chief Secretaries and Chief Electoral Officers in the country.

Tripathy also filed hundreds of RTI applications seeking information on a variety of controversial subjects and was instrumental in getting filled the vacancies in the national commissions which were in limbo, on the directions of the apex court.


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